Tantric Massage: The benefits.

Have you ever been curious about Tantric massage and it's benefits?   When I think about my personal experience of giving and recieving Tantric massage these words spring to the top of my mind: sensuous, delicious, intimate, tender, peaceful, loving, stillness, playful, caresses, delicate, deep, intuitive, arousing and stimulating  Hmmmm!  The reason I do this work is because I fell in love with it and the effects it had on my entire life.  Because when you feel relaxed.  When you've oxygenated your body.  When your mind has a chance to become still and you experience conscious, loving touch for some time the whole world seems much brighter and things feel a lot easier.

Tantra is a 5,000 year old philosophy that originates from India. There are many different paths within Tantra. Some include yoga, breathwork and mediation only.  In the west we like to focus on The Red Path which incorporates sexuality and sees the sex act as divine.   In Tantric massage we seek to honour the whole body as divine.  The session involves a combination of mediation, body work and breathwork.

Tantric massage is growing in popularity in the UK over recent years. So who would benefit from it and what does it involve?  Well Tantric massage will benefit pretty much everyone!   It is great for people who:

  • Are missing loving touch within their life for what ever reason
  • Would like to explore sensuality

  • Would like to relax and experience some pleasure

  • Who experience numbness within their genitals or woud like to experience more pleasure

  • Would like to reconnect with their sexuality and their sensuality

  • Are curious about sacred lingham massage or sacred yoni massage

  • Would like to develop a more loving and connected relationship with their own body

  • Would like to learn more about giving and receivng loving, conscious touch and deepen a heart connection with their lover.  In traditional Tantric massage the touch is one way.  Receiving this kind of loving touch can be a great way to learn about giving it to your lover.  It is also a great way to learn about creating a more heart focused love life with your partner so that you can both connect at a deeper level.
There are so many benefits to receiving Tantric massage.  Some of them include:

Top up on receiving loving touch: If you are single or are missing the feeling of love and connection you'd get from a lover, Tantric massage could be very helpful for you.  

Relaxation:  Before I became a Tantra practitioner I was a massage therapist for ten years.  Believe me there is no other massage that will relax you like a Tantric massage!  It is truly holistic and heart focused in it's approach.  In a Tantric massage session in London we take the time to relax your body and your mind. We take time to touch and open your heart.

Energizing:  During a Tantric massage session we will not only seek to relax you.  We will also aim to arouse and build sexual energy within your body.  This will be done through gentle caresses and erotic touch, body to body massage if it's appropriate and lingham or yoni massage, (Lingham is the sanskrit word for penis.  It means wand of light.  Yoni is the sanskrit word for vagina.  It means sacred cave.  More on these later)  We will use ancient breathing techniques that seek to move kundalini energy throughout the body. This is incredibly pleasurable to recieve.  It benefits your body, mind and spirit.  You will feel different in your body for days after.  You will feel more relaxed and more centred.  You will have more energy and clarity within your body and mind.

Feel more sexy: Do you feel like you have lost your mojo?  The build up of kundilini energy within your body and the power of conscious, loving touch that you will recieve during your massage will remain with you.  If you begin to receive Tantric massage on a regular basis this energy will build within your body.  Increasing your confidence, your energy, sexual healing in men and vitality for life and you will once again feel your mojo back in place along with heightened sensitivity within your body.

Experience deeper levels of intimacy:  With regular Tantric massage you will begin to feel more comfortable within yourself.  You will feel more at ease with your body.  Tantric massage is like topping yourself up with a regular dose of love. In a Tantric massage special respect is always paid to the recipients boundaries.  We will work together to help you understand more about your pleasure. We will work together to help you ask for what you want and say no when something is not right.  This combination of knowing more about where your boundaries lie  and developing a deeper love for yourself is essential in creating positive relationships.  When you are comfortable within yourself and you are able to express your yes's and your no's you will find that all of your relationships in life become deeper and more loving.

Heightened sensivitiy: Tantric massage includes a wide variety of sensations all designed to relax you and build sexual arousal. You may experience feather light touch and deep, hot oil massage. Or perhaps the feeling of cool breath on your skin. We combine these sensations with breath work throughout the session to oxygenate your body.  This awakens every cell, bringing you more sensation and more access to pleasure.

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