Sacred Yoni Massage:  It's Effects and Benefits:

Yoni is the Sanskrit name for vagina.  It translates as sacred cave.  Yoni massage is a great way to re-connect with your sexuality.   Through yoni massage you can explore and build upon your capacity for pleasure. It is great for relieving the symptoms of numbness in the vagina or a sense of disconnection from the genitals.  

I could honestly say that good yoni massage given with pure intent has dramatically changed my life.

 It goes beyond the physical.  Nourishing both your mind and emotional wellbeing.  Some of the main benefits of Yoni massage are:

  • Feeling more in touch with your body

  • Increased sensation

  • Heightened sexual pleasure

  • Increased confidence

  • Feeling more sexy 

  • A deeper sense of connection to your feminine wisdom

  • Increased self love

  • Release of tension

  • Becoming more confident about asking for what you want

  • Learn more about what your body loves

 ​​During a yoni massage session we will begin by working on the entire body.  I will teach you how to work with breath, movement and sound to expand pleasure throughout your body. 

Every part of your body has the potential to be orgasmic and this is a great way to explore your capacity for ecstasy. 

 As your body worker I act as "The hand of Shakti."  This means the exploration of your pleasure will be a joint effort.  Any boundaries you set in place are honoured and you can direct me at any time you wish. We will work with the breath to assist you in connecting deeply to your yoni.   Once connected to your body in this way, it will begin to tell you all its secrets!  Perhaps it will tell you what is standing in the way of its pleasure or perhaps it will tell you how it likes to receive it.  Being able to understand your body's desire and express this is incredibly important when it comes to feeling more bliss!  We will explore many different types of touch during your yoni massage session.  Soft caresses, deep or firm movements.  The trace of a fingernail.  The touch of a feather or what ever you feel drawn to experience.   Yoni massage is an exquisite way to indulge yourself. It is your time to relax and receive.

 The physical body is deeply linked to your emotional and mental wellbeing, your vulnerability, your pleasure and all your emotions are welcome in this space. As a woman it can be incredibly helpful to see another woman for yoni massage.  

Without the presence of a lover you are relieved of the pressure to please another.  

This is a time where you can truly focus on yourself and your own needs..  And when you are ready you can take these new skills back to your lover who I'm sure would just love to witness you in your pleasure!   
Yoni massage will help you to connect to your deepest truth and your innate feminine wisdom.  

Something really magical happens once you start to reconnect to your yoni regularly through yoni massage.  She will start to awaken and when she awakens your intuition will awaken to.  I can feel strong physical feelings from mine these days..  She is deeply connected to your ultimate truth and from this place she can guide you to your greatest pleasures!

Once the session is complete I will offer you tips and advice on how you can continue deepening this connection at home.  Coaching is also available.  This includes email support in between sessions. Daily practice is advisable!  You are welcome to contact me after for advice or assistance.

Questions?  Would you like to book a session?  You can use the contact form here or email me at [email protected] for more details.  Remember to check your spam box for replies!